Child Smile Project

We were one of the first practices to sign up to the hugely successful Childsmile project which aims to provide a child-centered approach to dentistry with prevention of decay (and ultimately pain and infection!) being at the heart of the programme. Since it was rolled out across Scotland in 2011 the dental health of children across all regions in Scotland has never been better with over 60% of children in Primary 7 showing no signs of dental decay.

We recommend you start bringing your baby with you for check ups from as early as possible to get him/her used to the sights, sounds and smells of the dental practice, allowing them to learn there is nothing to be anxious about and hopefully reducing the risk of dental anxiety and fear developing.

From the age of six months your child should attend the practice on a regular basis, during these visits we will attempt to examine their mouth and provide:

  • Toothbrushing instruction
    • Brush for two minutes twice a day using a toothpaste containing 1000ppm fluoride (1450 for >7 years old)
    • 0-2 years use a smear of toothpaste, 3+ use a pea sized amount
    • Spit -don’t rise with water after brushing
    • Have nothing to eat or drink after brushing at bedtime (water during the night is safe)
    • Help your child brush their teeth until they are at least 7- preferably until they can tie their shoelaces, after this time, check toothbrushing regularly
    • Try disclosing tablets to show where the plaque is, then clean it off!


  • Diet Advice  
    • Healthy weaning advice
    • Aim for no more than 4 sugar hits per day, a sugar hit can include drinks between meals (this usually means breakfast, lunch, dinner plus one snack and/or drink that contains sugar)
    • Between meals only drink Milk (unsweetened) or Water (no diluting juice)
    • Safe snacks include fruit (the sugar in fruit does not cause dental decay, however it can cause erosion of the teeth) vegetables, breadsticks, a small piece of cheese
    • Do not have anything to eat or drink (except water) after brushing your teeth at bedtime


  • Twice yearly application of Fluoride Varnish from the age of 2

From the age of 6 your dentist will offer to place fissure sealants on your child’s back teeth if they assess your child’s teeth to be at increased risk of decay. Fissure sealants are plastic coats are painted onto the grooves and fissures of the back teeth which provides a protective barrier for bacteria that can get into the fissures and cause decay. They are quick and easy to do and takes less than a minute or two per tooth – the sealants need to be regularly checked and may require topping up over time.

For more information please visit the website where information for parents and carers is available.

Been with the practice from day one and have recommended it to friends.

Mrs Morran, Perth.

Lovely friendly staff, always a parking space and great service!

Ms Rowan, Bridge of Earn.

Delighted to finally find a local dentist that understands an older patient’s needs.

Mr Jones, Scone.