Straighten Your Smile

Straight teeth can benefit the health of your teeth and gums (making cleaning your teeth easier and can reduce grinding habits/potential jaw problems) and improve the appearance of your smile.

We work closely with our colleagues at Perth Orthodontics, we assess the developing dentition and will offer a referral when the time is right, your dentist may also refer your child for an assessment many years before actual orthodontic treatment Is required to allow close monitoring of the teeth as they erupt allowing treatment to start as soon as possible. Treatment under the NHS is provided for children and patients under 19 (in full time education) that qualify on a scale of treatment need - this is carefully assessed by the orthodontist. We will offer referrals to adults who are unhappy with their smile or whom we feel will benefit from a consultation. Perth Orthodontics also provides a range of Private treatment options to children and adult patients, including clear aligners and ‘invisible’ ceramic brackets.

Been with the practice from day one and have recommended it to friends.

Mrs Morran, Perth.

Lovely friendly staff, always a parking space and great service!

Ms Rowan, Bridge of Earn.

Delighted to finally find a local dentist that understands an older patient’s needs.

Mr Jones, Scone.